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El libro es fuerza, es valor, es fuerza, es alimento; antorcha del pensamiento y manantial del amor. Rubén Darío

Buscando a Sor Juana en el metro (Looking for Sor Juana in the Subway)

Catalogo Dragon actual-2

This title reveals a Sor Juana no longer burdened with the “Inés de La Cruz” epithet (no longer carrying the Cross).

The journey will take us from the image on the peso bills to the painted mural, across the medallion, the acclaimed poet, the feminist avant l’heure and the personna locked in her own self to venture in the deep circular passages of the soul. The way to Sor Juana is the subway, that orange worm that carries underground millions of consciences, of inner dialogues, of bad thoughts, of glances…men, women, children and old people either sitting or standing, assaulted with a knife or an idea.

We journey across a mass of human lifes inhaling, exhaling every three minutes as the wagons’ doors open and close, and as that human mass cascades out and escalates in like a traveling soul, electric and immediate.